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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rev. Maynard's Visit

As announced in The Builder, one of our former ministers will be a special guest during our 165th anniversary celebration. Rev. David More Maynard and his wife, Jane, will attend the anniversary dinner on Saturday, May 3, and Rev. Maynard will preach the sermon on Sunday, May 4.

Rev. Maynard is currently serving Eastrose Fellowship Unitarian Universalist in Gresham, Oregon. He was minister of our Peoria church from September 1976 until sometime in 1981.

In future blog posts, we'll be sharing stories about what was going on in the church during those years. For now, we'd just like to thank David and Jane for accepting our invitation to come all the way from Oregon to visit us. If you remember the Maynards, or even if you don't, feel free to post a comment to say "hi" and make them feel welcome!


jean said...

In 1979 our family returned to Peoria from a 5-year "tour of duty" for Caterpillar in Toronto. We wanted our young children in a church, but knew we didn't want the usual kind -- we'd tried those!! When we heard about the UU Church, we invited David Maynard to our house to talk about it. He was such a great guy, and the church's philosophy made so much sense, that, even during the years we didn't attend much, we supported the church, and knew we'd join some day. So now here we are, David, 30 years later! Thanks so much! You've given us a great gift.

Larry & Terry said...

A few personal items regarding David Maynard:
David was a tall, slim, handsome man - the handsomest of our UU ministers, I would say. He was left-handed -- a "true lefty," as he expressed it. When he wrote with a pen he forced his left hand around as far as it could go and then wrote in that cramped style with the paper in its normal position - instead of adjusting the paper to allow the left hand to hold the pen as a right-handed person would.
David had a little of the Boston Brahman about him, having attended the UU seminary at Harvard. He was an excellent locksmith and was able to himself repair some things at the old church. He was a great supporter of the Peoria Planned Parenthood.
One of the features that distinguished his ministry in Peoria from all others in my experience was the absence of any participation by his wife, Jayne, in the life of the church. This is not a criticism, but an observation that surprised me.
I tutored David's daughter for several hours as a result of his purchasing my services at a church auction. She seemed to be a fine girl who had a good relationship with her father.
Larry Matthews

Kathy Carter said...

Jean, I'm glad David talked you into it!

Larry, thanks for the interesting observations. Although you were there and I wasn't, I do know that our 1993 history book speaks of Jane as being active, along with David, in revitalizing the religious education department, as well as being involved in the support group and the sex education campaign.

jean said...

Kathy, David didn't have to do much to "talk us into it", and I don't really think it was his intent to try. I remember that we told him we might not actually attend church very often for the time being, and he replied that this church "doesn't do guilt." In other words, don't feel bad if you're not doing everything you think you're expected to. I've never forgotten this, and I've heard that mantra many times since, and still think it's apropos. We love that sentiment.