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Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Wish List from 2001—Part II

As explained in the last post, The Builder of September 28, 2001, included a two-page list of suggestions for adding to the quality of our church and its programs (part of the planning process for the 2002 budget). In Part I we looked at the physical items, which amounted to more than half the list.

So besides fixing up the building and grounds and purchasing some tangible items, what else did members and friends suggest? Check out the list below. Keep in mind that these ideas were proposed by individuals, so they don’t necessarily reflect the wishes of the majority. But it’s interesting to see which of these items have gone from being ideas in 2001 to a reality in 2008—and which are still just possibilities.

Part-time, paid youth/young adult coordinator
Full-time assistant minister
Intern minister—become a teaching church
Church coordinator (paid position)

Afternoon service on Sunday
Exercise/fitness program
ZPG/NPG meetings
[Zero Population Growth, Negative Population Growth]
Quality speakers on science and social issues
Daytime, weekday group for seniors at the church
Book discussion group
Resume bookstore [Does that mean we had a bookstore before then?]
Longer meditation during the service
Do away with yellow mugs [for newcomers/visitors]
Hire out coffee hour

A plan for recruiting young adults
Option to pay pledges by direct deposit or credit card
Group of volunteers available on short notice to bring a “shut-in” to church
Publish and sell a “decade in review” memory book

So there you have it—a time capsule of ideas from 2001. Do any of them resonate with you? What programs—these or others—would you put on your wish list for our church’s future?


Anonymous said...

Yes, we did have a "Bookstore" in the 1970's selling Beacon Press Books. Also, the UU Women's Federation held a used book sale every Sunday after church. We (the UUWF) even purchased a mobile book cart to sell the books. Apparently, I've been told the cart was sold or given away some years ago. I don't think we could find people to take on the task now, but we have started up our Used Book Sales again in October.

Nancy Taylor

Kathy Carter said...

Nancy, thanks for the information. It would be great if we could revitalize the bookstore by selling new books from the UUA at coffee hour. It could be a fundraiser as well as a service to members. But as you said, we'd need some folks willing to take it on.

I'm looking forward to the next used book sale!